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9 Things You Do That Are Slowly Killing You


Here are 9 things you do that are slowly killing you. To prevent fast death and serious future health implications please quit these habits.

1.Holding Your Urine: Holding your pee causes bacteria to grow in your bladder and eventually travels up to your kidneys. This can cause serious Kidney diseases.

2. Lying down while eating: This causes stomach acid to travel up your esophagus and can, in the long run, cause ulcer and acid reflux symptoms. These are conditions which if not treated can be life-threatening.

3. Constantly Chewing Gum: This puts pressure on your chin joints and can in the long run cause arthritis which is a constant pain in your joints which has a lifelong treatment plan. It also causes kidney and digestive problems because chewing makes you swallow a lot of air which is hazardous to stomach health.

4. Drinking Alchohol Irregularly: You actually harm your liver when you irregularly drink alcohol. This is because it causes the liver to react at every point and does not allow it to build steady and consistent protection against its contents.

5. Using soft drinks to take drugs: There are preservatives and chemicals in popular soda drinks that turn to poison when they come in contact with certain drugs. To prevent sudden death take all drugs with water.

6. Taking Bike or lifts For short Distance: the more you skip that walk the more you undermine your heart health. This is because a lot of new generation people rarely get regular exercise and make it worse by skipping short walks. For you to live longer you need to be more proactive. Take more walks avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

7. Eating irregularly: This causes a lot of health problems including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetics, slow metabolism and eventually obesity. Your body can not prepare and react adequately for the food, as a result, all organs involved in the digestive processes are affected.

8. Using your phone when the battery is at it’s lowest: This has been reported to possibly cause cancer. This is because when the phone is on the lowest it is most likely going to have the highest radiation output.

9. Skipping sleep or not sleeping enough: This makes you age fast, affects your mental health, immune health, and circulatory system.

To live a long healthy life stop these Things You Do That Are Slowly Killing You.



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