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9 Proven Signs You are Emotionally Unstable


At the heart of being emotionally unstable is low self-esteem and extreme self-doubt. Most emotionally unstable people have low self-confidence and as a result, exhibit uncontrollable emotions due to their insecurities.

Have people told you that you are unstable? Do you feel sometimes that you reacted wrongly to a certain situation? Do you feel controlled by your emotions? Then you just might be emotionally unstable.

However, do not completely write yourself off. To be sure about this, here are 9 proven signs that you are not in control of your emotions.

  1. You have overwhelming desire to be popular: Do you find yourself getting jealous of successful people? Do you feel an overwhelming need to have more likes and followers on social media? Then you just might be emotionally unstable as a desperate desire for online fame shows a deficiency in self-confidence.
  2. You have doubts about your Appearance: People with unstable emotions tend to dislike their appearance. They wish they were someone else. They focus on their bad features and do not accept themselves the way they are.
  3. You care too much about what people think: Emotionally unstable people take peoples opinion too much to heart. You are most times seeking peoples validation which most times never works out.

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