Education is indeed a great asset. Anyone with a degree should place value on his education. Going by the reality of our time, however, good ideas and work experience seem to be of more importance than education these days, especially when it comes to creating sustainable wealth opportunities. While basic education is needed to be gainfully employed in any organization, you do not need a Cambridge degree to qualify for most jobs available on the job market nowadays. Below are some jobs you can get without a university degree and some businesses you can start own you own and be successful in even without a degree.


If you have enough capital for it, you can venture into real estate and start a rental-property-business. You do not a degree for this. Investment in real estate is profitable and if you do not have enough experience managing a property, you could seek professional advice or team up with an experienced and credible developer around. Many of today’s young millionaires are people who have made it big in the real estate industry.



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