Am I a side-chick? The dreaded question among females. You’ve found the perfect guy. He fulfils all your dreams and aspirations and you are already picking out Aso-Ebi styles with the girls.

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Then one day, you see something that doesn’t add up. Next up, you find yourself alone on Valentine’s day. Then the most frustrating, he doesn’t want you checking his phone. You start running crazy with paranoid thoughts. You start painting the picture to friends who tell you, “You are overreacting!”.

Maybe you are. Or…maybe you are not. I have compiled this 5 signs to let you know for a fact if your boyfriend is indeed a Yoruba demon. Let’s get into it.

1.He never lets you touch his phone: So one day you are home with your boyfriend and you are bored. You feel a need to maybe browse through his pictures or use his iPhone camera. You ask for it cutely, but he reacts in a very hostile way and refuses. Red Flag! Darling, only someone with something to hide, puts a password on his phone and keeps it away from you.

2.He never takes pictures with you: You look peng, he says it. You see his eyes light up as he stares at you but when you bring up taking pictures together he basically just dodges it. Darling, how can you date someone for more than a month without taking tons of pictures with them. No. Not working.

3.He never hangs out with you in public malls or public places: He always suggests secluded places. Mostly his apartment or a hotel with the tag of he likes privacy. Even when you react and are able to convince him to go to those places, he acts like you guys are not an item and it seems like he is constantly looking out for something or someone. Or darling maybe his wifey?


4.His behaviour and attitude to you fluctuates: Sometimes he’s the sweetest man and other times he just ghosts on you and you wonder where he went to. You even call him repeatedly in those periods and his number always reports back busy or unavailable. Darling, he just might be with his wifey. Most men who have side chicks treat them best when their main chick acts wrong and treat the side chicks bad when their main chick is acting right. Be wise do not be someone object of boredom.

5.When you fight or have an argument you are always the one apologizing: There is nothing worse than saying sorry when you know beyond reasonable doubt that you are not wrong. Its depressing and can affect your self-esteem. Any man that sees you as a priority would not wait for you to make peace. He will not let you go out of your way to reduce your worth just to settle disputes. He will see you as a priority and meet you halfway. The reason he lets you apologize all the time is simple, you aren’t dear to his heart. You might be dear to the other room but you aren’t an emotional priority for him.

If your man ticks even but three of these signs then darling you just might be a side-chick. Try to explain your grievances to him, if he really cares he would change and work on it. If he doesn’t offer to change or see your point then please run as fast as you can. You deserve better.

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