As the Christmas season rapidly approaches, the thought of the various mouth-watering delicacies and foods we’ll consume is enough to get us salivating and wishing the days roll by faster. The Festive period is always a time for Family reunions and visitations that always involves Grandma’s special fried rice or mum’s spicy chicken combo. Recession or not, it goes without saying that something fried will be consumed across households be it fish, meat or chicken. Fried chicken, fish or beef undoubtedly goes well with any dish and is a sure compliment to anything we intend to consume. Given you may have heard that the consumption of fried foods isn’t safe for your health, but you may be wondering how exactly. To keep you healthy and avoid health complications as a result of fried foods, we have put together 5 reasons that might make you opt for boiled fish or chicken this Christmas.


When oil is reused over & over again as it often is in fast food chains, the oil continues to breakdown every time it is heated, It is not only the OIL that undergoes a harmful changes, the other nutrients also gets altered by the heating process. e.g. Carbohydrates, which, when heated to very high temperatures, can actually release a certain type of Carcinogen. This is another reason to keep in mind that fast food chains are not the place to find Nutrition.


Fried foods breading soaks up nearly every drop of the oil, so eating fried chicken & pan pizza is like drinking OIL straight from the vat. This increases your BAD CHOLESTEROL.

Over-consumption of Fried foods can lead to Obesity



The death risk increases because kidney patients have an impaired ability to filter out the harmful fats consisted in a typically cooked fried food. People who have kidney disease have a harder time getting rid of a lot of the substance in the oily soaked food. It should be noted, however, that the study was only able to show an association between diet and the risk of death in people with kidney disease. Those who eat fried food had more percent increase in their risk death. The majority of death from kidney disease is related to heart disease, as if someone develops kidney disease, one is much more likely to die from heart disease heart attacks, heart failure stroke   than someone who doesn’t have kidney disease. As kidney patients who ate a plant-based diet appeared to have an improved survival rate, thereby changing diet and making healthier choices in what one is eating, might help even if someone suffers from kidney disease.


One is at greater risk for high blood cholesterol and heart disease if we eat a diet that often includes deep-fried, which are high in fat. Diets high in saturated fat and cholesterol tend to raise total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol .Whether it be deep or pan-frying, once while frying   we can see, there are a lot of bubbles. Those bubbles come from, Water inside the meat, getting dried up as long as that food is nice and moist, it will keep on bubbling, as the moisture  fights against the pressure and heat of the oil around it and stops it from soaking in. But when the moisture runs out, the food becomes a greasy oil food. Foods that are fried are high in fat as they are cooked in fat. When we fry foods, such as some specific meats like chicken or ham, that already consists of saturated fat, further frying adds more fat, so baking and roasting of meat is a more wise option.


Recent studies have shown that high cholesterol and fat levels in the body can find their way into the arteries leading to a clog and eventually a stroke. Fried foods high in cholesterol has also been known to be a direct cause of obesity in humans Before you bite down on that drumstick chicken, be sure to ask yourself, is it worth the risk?



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