At the beginning of this Month, the Mobizone Campus Life Team decided to introduce a monthly competition to stimulate conversations while empowering outstanding Nigerian youth in a fun way!

Mobizone Campus Life

The competition involves young people like yourself recording a one minute video airing their undiluted opinion on the topic. The topic for this month is “Are Federal Universities Really Better Than Private Universities?”

The winner or champion for the month of June gets a whopping sum of 25,000 for a one minute video. But this money is just one of the many benefits of this competition.

Here are five benefits of participating in Mobizone Campus Life June Debate Competition:

  1. You get to showcase your intelligence which in turn showcases you!
  2. All participants get promoted and are automatically considered for special student offers before others.
  3. You get to contribute to meaningful conversations on important issues like this on a website forum rather than vain social media likes competitions with no real purpose.
  4. If you are a student of either school you get to let people know the truth.
  5. Finally, you get to challenge yourself, have fun, connect with people and even possibly win the cash prize.

Sounds great right? Click to find out how to participate.

We can’t wait to see yours!



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