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5 Reasons Kunu Drink Is Great For Your Health


Popularly sold outside churches after service or special programs, Kunu is that delightful African drink that has a lot of passerbys scrambling to have a taste.

You can hardly see a kunu drink stand beret of customers. This is because of its unique and delicious taste.

Well asides from satisfying your taste buds, do you know that the Kunu Drink has really amazing health benefits?

See five of them below.

1. It helps the digestive health: Kunu is rich in Fibre which is great for healthy digestive health.

2. It’s major ingredient Millet is rich in cancer fighting properties.

3. It also has a high amount of ginger content which helps yo prevent blood clots.

4. It is associated with the prevention of diabetes with consistent intake.

5. It is great for nursing mothers as it helps to increase the flow of milk to their breasts.



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