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5 Powerful Benefits Of Drinking Water Regularly


We all know how important regularly drinking water is to the body in terms of hydration. On the average, the human body is made of over 50-60% water with infants having up to 70%. This shows how essential water is to the very essence of life. See below 7 powerful benefits of water that you just might not be aware of.

  1. Water regulates the body temperature: Since the body is made up of half water, this vital colourless fluid is very important to stabilize the body temperature which is generally hot.
  2. Water helps the body with breathing effectively: Water helps in the effective distribution of oxygen all around the body. The carbon dioxide content in water also helps to dissolve toxic gases all along the passageway.
  3. Water helps the heart health: Drinking a lot of water along with an active lifestyle has been linked to low risks of cardiovascular problems. Water helps to ensure effective distribution of blood viscosity, plasma and fibrinogen.
  4. Dissolves Kidney Stones: Water dissolves chemicals, minerals and salts associated with the formation of kidney stones. Nutritionists have adviced that drinking a lot of water prevents and helps with kidney stones. So to prevent this disease drink lots of water.
  5. Water helps with skin health: Drinking water regularly helps you to achieve radiant skin. It helps to ward of common skin problems and provides the right amount of moisture that is effective in preventing dry skin.



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