Around five people have lost their lives on Thursday in Bodija Abattoir in Ibadan Oyo state in a fight between the Butchers and policemen in Bodija market.

The whole situation started when the security team detailed to enforce the relocation of the butchers to their new centre at Amosun village, along Oyo road stormed the market today.

The team stormed the market and started shooting into the air to scare the butchers away according to reports. An eyewitness said the butchers fled the scene and tried to come back to plead with the team to sell their product for the day.

The whole situation however escalated when the police team allegedly shot around five people, the market people got furious and they all headed to the Bodija market divisional police headquarters, Bodija, Ibadan, and burnt it down completely.

The Commissioner of Police Abiodun Odude who was on ground to give a statement about the crisis said two people were gunned down in the crises and said they are on ground to monitor the development of the crises.

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