Business is the creation of value, but this value will eventually translate to capital or profit if only the business is in the right marketplace. I will be sharing 5 best cities to start a business in Nigeria.

Capital is the fuel of any organisation but at the same time location is the road for it. After reading this article you can decide on the best city for you, whether by proximity or by profitability and productivity.

Before i share these cities you need to look out for the following factors before deciding on the city you want to go into with your business.

  1. Population; your product is for a set of people, even if you are producing dog food, it’s still human beings that will buy it for their dogs. Therefore, you need to check out the population. You will not only check out the population but you will also check out how useful they are to your business. Going to a large population of secondary school students when you are planning to sell cars might not work. Therefore, pick a place where you can get the right type of population.
  1. Accessibility; Position your business in a way that people will easily be able to get to you to patronise. This does not mean only physical contact. Even if you are far from your target consumers, position yourself properly on the internet. Deliver to them where they are. These are part of the things you can do to position yourself properly.
  1. Security; Nigeria is peaceful but at the same time some regions are not that secured for some types of businesses, therefore check out your location very well before going there to set up.
  2. Favourable Environmental Conditions; depending on the nature of your business check the environment condition of the location and be sure that your business can function properly in the place.
  3. Presence of Attraction to the place; your location must be able to attract the right set of people good for your business. Therefore target that type of location.


Best cities to do Business in Nigeria

  1. Lagos; this is the most popular of the cities you can set up a business, because of the large population and mixture of the people in the city. There are a lot of people from different parts of Nigeria in Lagos and this makes Lagos one of the most favourable places in Nigeria to set up a business.
  2. Kano; this is the biggest city in Nigeria with the population of over 3,848,885 people a little bit lower than Lagos’s population. This is an advantage, also there are a lot of farmers in and around Kano, and this gives accessibility to raw materials.
  3. Aba; this city for some years now have grown to become one of the fastest growing cities in Nigeria. Manufacturing of Shoes, bags, clothes, accessories e.t.c. is very prominent in aba.
  1. Abuja; Abuja is the federal capital territory. This city has good roads and better social amenities than most cities. Therefore, as i said earlier your business will determine your location, if you want to go into transportation business, a city like Abuja will reduce the cost of maintenance on the car.
  2. Port Harcourt; Port Harcourt is a good location for your business mainly because of the port in the city and also because of the tourist attraction, a lot of foreigners are always attracted to the city to see the beauty in the place.

These are cities you can explore to get the best out of your business. If you think another city should enter this list, why not drop a comment below and let’s talk about it.




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