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4 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Water With Lemon


The average fast-life Nigerian drinks sugary drinks several times a week. Some even do this daily as it goes perfectly with a quick snack and fast-food. However, we are all aware of the numerous problems associated with the sugar and carbon content in these drinks. Therefore it is important that if you find it hard to drink water taking lemon with water is a valid alternative. It tastes great and it has amazing health benefits.

  1. It freshens your breath: Lemon water has been discovered to neutralize the mouth and the passageways in the stomach to prevent mouth odour or stench. Drinking this regularly serves as an effective cleanser to your digestive system.
  2. It Prevents Kidney stones: The acid content in lemon which is revealed by water has been discovered to possibly have the capacity to prevent kidney stones caused by excess calcium.
  3. It aids digestion and prevents constipation: Lemon water works as a natural laxative to help the digestive system. It has the capacity to dissolve bodily substances associated with causing stomach issues.
  4. It is a good source of Vitamin which improves your skin and overall health: Lemons have very high vitamin c content and if taken regularly they have the ability to solve stubborn skin problems and reveal radiant skin.



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