So many students fall hook, line and sinker for lies which have somehow managed to circulate about UNILORIN – from group chats to stories told by ex-students, and even those arrived at from jumping into the pit of  hasty conclusions. I also believed some of these lies initially as a ‘green horn,’ but, truth is, some students are too gullible and lack the zeal for adequate research. It’s just like when we were in Junior Secondary school, with dreams of advancing to the coveted Senior class, and then we’ll hear all sort of scary tales about that phase of life only for us to later realise that it was all false or mostly over-exaggeration. Most Jambites who apply to the better by far university (UNILORIN), believe that:

1. You cannot be considered for admission without connection: This is a major lie that students have come to accept as the status quo. Most times, even parents believe this big, fat lie!                                                             TRUTH: there’s really no quick route. Study hard, pray and do your best. ‘Connection’ or paying your way through is merely a scheme to continue the vicious cycle of corruption. Don’t fall prey. I have never had to ‘work’ my way into school, and no, it’not luck. Also, looking at the issue of admission realistically, the University of Ilorin cannot exceed it’s stipulated limit of students to be admitted, as most times, the end result of all the ‘working’ is disappointment and wastage of funds.


2. Everyone is a Muslim: now, this is one lie that Christians believe initially, and makes them wonder if they’ll be forced to convert to Islam.

TRUTH: you’re free to practice your religion.There are churches and student fellowships within the school, as well as mosques. Nobody will insist on you being converted!


3. Your hairdo shouldn’t go beyond your neck: it is a fact that we female folk like to look extra-good, and the thought of being restricted to certain hairstyles just like we used to back then in primary and secondary school, puts dread in our hearts. In some quarters, Unilorin is perceived as a “glorified secondary school.”

TRUTH: you can make whatever hairstyle that suits you, as long as you do not violate the rules embedded in the students’ code of conduct handbook. Example: brightly coloured extensions and outrageous styles are seriously frowned at.



4. Your clothing must be floor-length, and make-up is a taboo:  Lies, lies, and more lies!

TRUTH: No, you do not have to dress like a Muslim, or appear ‘SU’ to be decent. For the ladies, you can still slay without flouting the rules (*wink*). For the guys: of course, you can still look cool! Just don’t wear shirts with cult-like inscriptions, and yes, DO NOT WEAR SHORTS to school. Especially during exams.

I’m pretty sure every student has a unique “lie” they believed or still believe about the university. Don’t get it twisted; Unilorin is simply after protecting its name and moulding students into disciplined individuals. In all, everything should be done in moderation.

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