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4 Clear Signs Your Crush In School Likes You

Do have a crush that makes your heart race incessantly. You see them as your knees feel weak. Are you curious as to whether the feeling is mutual? Then check out these four clear signs your crush in school likes you.

1. You catch your crush looking at you: Have your eyes met with that of your crush on several occasions? Then they are most likely checking you out the way you are checking them out. Smile at them the next time your eyes meet and they just might walk up to you.

2. When you guys are around each other your crush appears nervous: There’s no other clearer sign than your crush acting nervous around you. Everyone wants to be perfect for the one they like and if they seem shook by your presence then the feeling just might be mutual.

3. Your Crush Friend’s act weird around you: Another very glaring sign that your crush likes you is the body language of their friends. Your crush friends clearly know that they like you and if you notice them acting all weird and smiling then your crush just might like you.

4. You both always run into each other: Have you been finding that you always run into your crush? Then this might be a clear sign that your crush is trying to be around you. They might be subtly studying your movements and placing themselves in strategic locations where you both can see one another.

If the above is true of your crush’s behaviour then spread your lips and smile as your crush just might end up becoming the love of your life.

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