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3 Ways To Deal With Period Cramps


It’s that time of the month again? That moment you dread deeply. Battling with period cramps can be a deeply frustrating experience, however do not be worried as we have some tips that have worked for some women which we think you should try out.

1. Painkillers: The average painkiller doesn’t work for period cramps so if you have tried and given up try again but instead buy the ones that are specified for periods. You can get them at your local store.

2. Exercise: This helps with better blood flow. Studies have shown that exercising before and during the experience can help with it. We know the last thing you want to do is move, but what more pain can you get rather than the one you are experiencing.

3. Distract yourself with the things you love, the people you care about and an activity that keeps your mind of it. Sometimes even with the painkillers you still feel it subtly so it is important to have a viable distraction.



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