Social media platforms have taken over our lives. With Facebook recording over a billion logins daily we can rest assured that this is a worldwide situation. The average person wakes up in the morning and checks their phone before even standing up, praying or brushing.

So many people can’t imagine the thought of not having their phone for a day. We see numerous twitter trivia coming up on “A day without your phone or *inserts important activity*? and we happily reply with the former unknown to us that this is actually a dangerous mental health saga.

Today, we will be sharing three warning signs you need a break from social media.

  1. You are constantly comparing yourself to popular accounts on social media: Have you found yourself staring at a man or woman and wondering why you can’t be like or what they have that you don’t? Does it make you feel unworthy or bad? Do you secretly wish to be someone else online? Then you just might need a break.
  2. You feel like something is wrong with you when you are offline: So your phone goes off for some hours and you feel like a drug addict craving for drugs. You are restless and feel like something is missing because you can’t follow your usual routine. This is a warning sign that you are addicted and you need to take a quick break from it.
  3. You can’t seem to put your phone down: Even when you are with friends, walking on the road, in a meeting, in the toilet, about to sleep you just can’t drop your phone.  This is a warning sign that you are addicted and need to take a break.

Social media addiction has been traced to be the leading cause of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, unproductivity and bad business acumen. Take a break from social media today and you’ll record better mental health and overall lifestyle.



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