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3 Warning Signs You Are Losing Her


Most relationships don’t end overnight. The issues accumulate overtime and the victims never know until everything comes crashing. This article will expose you to three warning signs you are losing her.

1.¬†Arguments over little things: Do you find yourselves arguing over minimal things? She gets really furious over seemingly inconsequential things? You feel like you are walking on eggshells as you can’t tell what will get her angry next. If this is happening it is a warning sign that she is tolerating. As irritability is a sign of being out of love.

2. Lack Of Respect and change in attitude: When a woman starts talking to you anyhow and treating you horribly it is a warning sign that shes’s irritated by you. Most men make it worse by becoming needy, nagging and complaining. Which makes her act even more horribly. If you find yourself getting hurt incessantly by her words and actions then you need to start working on how to save your relationship as the end is near.

3. Insecurity and Lack Of Trust: Once she starts questioning your faithfulness it is warning sign she is seeking for something to hold on to or a reflection of her feeling guilty about possibly cheating on you. A relationship without trust is bound to fail and once you guys start having trust issues the end is really near.



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