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3 Things That Will Happen To You If You Win The Debate


We are gradually coming to the end of the month. In just a few days your world might just be impacted positively. If there has been any time to push for the first prize, it is now.

You have come a long way and relenting because of intimidation or laziness shouldn’t rob you of your win. To serve as a motivation, here are 3 things that will happen to you if you win The Debate competition.

  1. You become 25,000 Naira richer! You do not know what 25,000 Naira can do until you have it. There is a large number of things you can buy. There are even businesses you can invest it in. Or it could just be your funds for a fun time to relax after all the school work and stress.
  2. You get paid monthly to be our ambassador! Yes, the money moves don’t stop at your win. You continue to get paid to do what you love!
  3. You get showcased to the world as a champion! Who doesn’t like to be admired and listened to? You get an exclusive interview from us, you get to be the face of the competition and you just might get some juicy connections from there.

Excited to win! Then push! Having issues with pushing? Relax, we have got you covered. Here are two articles that will help you to secure your win.

  1. Mobizone Campus Life Manager Faith’s top 5 tips on how to get more votes. Read here: How To Get More Votes To Your Entry In The Debate.
  2. August Debate’s Winner, Victoria Egba Of Redeemer’s University top 5 tips on how to win. Read here: August Debates Winner’s Tips On Winning.



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