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3 Signs He is Just Playing With You


So you are in love with a new guy. There is a lot of emotional rush. He’s everything you’ve always dreamed off and you are already imagining wedding dresses and aso ebi. Be careful darling,  because these feelings of excitement just might be one sided. Here are 5 sure ways to know if he is just playing with you.

1. He doesn’t define your relationship: Every girl hates the dreaded what are we question. It can go south or it can go great. The former is scary enough for you to keep mute about important things. However a man that is serious about you will not wait for you to ask he will be too excited about you that he’ll be quick to make it official.

2. Asides from physical activity there is nothing else that brings you both together: Have you noticed that he only comes around when there is opportunity for physical action.  He’s always busy when it comes to a movie date but is 100 percent available when it’s a booty call. Baby girl he’s just playing with you.

3. He doesnt take about his personal life: You don’t know much about him. He seems to be putting you in the dark. You haven’t met his friends or family. Worse you haven’t been to his house. Baby girl he is playing with you.

To prevent being hurt from someone you love,  ensure to define the relationship early enough. Also do not compromise your values because if it doesn’t work out you will feel dejected.



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