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3 Relationship Killers Couples Need To Avoid


1. Lack of trust: The beginning of doubt and distrust is the beginning of the end of your relationship. Once you distrust someone friction will be rampant. It’s even worse if the person us doing nothing wrong as it will bring resentment. For a long lasting relationship trust your partner until they have explicitly given you a reason not to.

2. Using very strong words during fights: Anger is a very deep feeling. It makes you desperately want to lash out on the offender. Most times people give into this and say things they already regret. Avoid hitting below the belt when you are angry. As you might forget but you partner might not.

3. Avoiding difficult conversations: A lot of couples make the mistake of consistently avoiding difficult conversations due to fear of friction. What they don’t know is this literally kills the relationship. As the more you avoid it, the bigger the issue becomes. And if this is avoided long enough it just might become unsolvable.



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