You are frustrated. You’ve tried out everything. You’ve been dedicated with your weight loss plans yet you still aren’t losing that unwanted fat as quickly as you want. Well, you just might be making these three counter effective mistakes that are stagnating your weight loss journey.

1. You are not eating well: Yes, abruptly cutting down on your diet will do more harm than good especially when you reduce your food to little or nothing. Not eating actually makes you add fat rather than lose fat. Your body needs constant fuel from food and if you starve it, it’s natural instinct will be to store more fat to protect you. Don’t stop eating but rather eat healthily.

2. Eating Too Close To Bedtime: This is another weight loss strategy miss. Eating close to bedtime put you on the journey to adding more weight especially in unsightly places like the stomach. To ensure that you burn the calories you consume ensure to stop all eating before 7 pm.

3. You Lead A Sedentary Lifestyle: The only time you do some physical exercise is when you are working out for 30 minutes to one hour. This is fine but to lose weight as fast as you want to be smart throughout the day. Take walks instead of bikes. Move around to do tasks don’t send others. Exercising to lose weight should be an all day thing and not a once or day or once a week strategy.

Stop making these mistakes if you want to lose weight rapidly. Got other tips? Share with us below.



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