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Here Are 3 Dangerous Reasons You Should Quit Soft Drinks


Soft drinks are pretty common these days. Especially among people living the fast life. You grab a bottle of cola and match it up with Gala or your order for a delicious bowl of Eba and Oha soup and you tell them to pair it up with a nice drink.

In your mind, you think its bliss, but what you are actually doing is damaging your body. Here are 3 dangerous reasons you should stop drinking soft drinks or soda.

  1. It has been linked to kidney problems: A detailed study of kidney function decline in women has linked the consumption of soft drinks to kidney function decline. Without the kidneys working fine, you definitely can’t live a healthy life or survive.
  2. It builds dangerous and harmful fat around your vital body organs: Consumption of soft drinks has been associated with the build-up of harmful fat around the body organs. These harmful fat are most times not noticeable but have been discovered to be silent killers.
  3. It contains potentially harmful chemicals: The chemicals used to enable soda to retain their flavor and last long have actually been linked to body functions decline. They ward of useful bacteria and some studies have claimed that they might cause cancer.

Want to have a healthy kidney? Want your vital body organs to be intact? Want to live long? Then you know what to do, quit soda.



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