The 2019 elections is almost here, and the vicious cycle of politicians have started again. I know you want to know the meaning of the vicious cycle of politicians; it is the recycling of the same politicians in different parties every election year.

In 2013, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) came together to become APC All Progressive Party to form a party to fight PDP.

APC succeeded and won the election. After that, a lot of PDP members deflected to the APC. Now the APC is not doing so well and the same cycle have started again.

Just recently 7000 member of the APC have deflected to PDP in plateau state.

Hon. Damishi Samgo the plateau state PDP chairman who was represented by Vice Chairman, Plateau Central Zone, Hon. Benedict Shiknughul stated that they made the right decision, and that all the privilege of a party member will be given to them.

A lot of parties have been merging lately; a recent one is the G21 Alliance. These are still the same people who have ruled us and still want to be ruling.

Political parties come and go, but we are still producing the same people to lead us.

The best strategy for a better Nigeria is to change the group of people we have now to the actual people that are ready to work with integrity and all of their heart, irrespective of their age; whether young or old.

Contribute to the topic, what do you have to say about the vicious cycle of politicians.



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