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2019 Elections: Party Members Take Deadly Oath “To Be Upright or Die”


Executive members of the Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) on Thursday, swore to an oath to remain upright in all their dealings or die. This is in preparation of the 2019 general elections in order to deliver the country from its present situation.

The Party which was said to be a vision from God, the vision bearer Apostle Chukwu Ezuzolugo said that the party pledged to wrestle power both at the National and state levels through the activities of upright members. And for this to happen, the members were led to take a righteous deadly oath.

The oath employs three ordinances of the Earth, the sun and the blood, and stipulates that any member goes against the oaths tenets will die.

Party members who want to take the oath are required to remove their shoes and stand on the ground, holding the holy book or looking at the sun and then take the oath which will be sealed by a cleric.

Apart from the vision bearer, some other members of the party who took part in the oath are National Chairman of the party, Amb. Olusegun Iyagbemi and Former presidential aspirant, Sarah Jubrin.

Speaking for at the maiden press conference of the party, the party chairman said many other parties have signed social contracts with Nigeria bt failed.

JMPP is not a party of promises, the party’s contract with Nigeria is based on covenant.

Political promises produce politicians who have no respect for true God but engage in all manner of evils.

Political covenants produce leaders, who by righteous deadly Oaths, connect themselves to the true God and therefore hold themselves out as eternal collaterals for the betterment of Nigeria and Nigerians.

He also mentioned that by covenant of the pillars of Oath of Justice that holds the peace and destiny of Nigeria, the party will involve the true God in the government and give rooms for priests and Imams to be part of the divine direction of the government.

These pillars include;

1 shall not steal any party or government funds or resources from one Naira upwards.

I shall not collect any gift that will influence my decisions while serving in office as JMPP official.

1 shall not give or receive bribe or engage in any sexual harassment, homosexuality or lesbianism.

I shall not award any contracts to myself or personal company directly or indirectly.

I shall not attack any church or mosque, Christian or Muslim, either directly or indirectly by inciting words or instruments.

I shall not engage in any diabolic acts.

I shall stand for justice for all the tribes and ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, and also stand for zonal rotation of the Offices of the president and that of the governor on the basis of one tenure of six years.

1 shall serve for one tenure in my present Office.

I shall not take JMPP or any member of the party to court before, during and after elections as a result of party electoral matters.

I shall not engage in any form of sabotage against the party and the government.

I shall not engage or be involved in any form of kidnapping activity in Nigeria.



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