Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, stated yesterday at his endorsement for his 2nd term bid by sport men and women in the state.

That the present government and party in power , are preparing to rig the 2019 elections. Governor Wike said everyone should protect their votes to avoid the wrong set of leaders in 2019.

He said the sign is there to show that they want to rig the election; he gave an example of the attack by Hoodlums sponsored by The APC on the High court on Friday.

This attack led to the destruction of properties of the State High Court.

According to the rivers state assembly Majority Leader, Martin Amaewhule, the lives of the state judge, Judicial staffs and Governor Wike is not safe and he raised a motion to condemn the attack and closure of the State high court.

This is a call from the Governor, Go and get your PVC Guys. You need it to stop any one from rigging in 2019.



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