A Top Official of the Independent Electoral Commission has said that the 2019 election will be conducted only by the use of card reader. He stated that the card reader helped the commission during the last election, and it is going to be fully used during the 2019 election.

He said the card reader helps the commission in three ways, that is including getting to confirm that the permanent voters card by INEC, that the biometrics of the holder are correct and that the identity of the holder is authenticated through the fingerprints.

The Official also told reporters that the commission was set to upgrade the status of the card such that the experience of the last election will not repeat itself.

According to The Tribune newspaper, the INEC Official also spoke about the number of polling units, he refuted the rumour that there will be more polling units, he said the plan of the Commission is not to increase the number of polling units, but to create more voting points under the polling units on ground.

He also mentioned that a proper audit have been conducted to know the total number of polling units in the country, which was not down under Professor Attairu Jega. “now we have 119,793 polling units for 2019 elections.



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