Motivational Speaker, leadership coach cum 2019 presidential aspirant Fela Durotoye has charged Nigerian wives to deny their husbands who do not have PVC the pleasure of having sexual intimacy with them

In the statement, he said, “I’m working to collaborate with a few key people to ensure that every married woman whose husband does not have a PVC by July 1st, they’ll lock up. No PVC, no jangilova (slang for sex).

He also moved on to the unmarried folks by stating that he has started a movement where he’s “…asking every young lady to insist on asking any toaster for their PVC first. No PVC, no toasting.”

He made this statement in his charge for the need to have a permanent voters card. He felt that it shouldn’t be just about having a means of identification but it’s all about choosing the Nigeria we want. He said a lot of people keep hoping for a brighter future but the only way to get that future is to actually take practical steps.

Most important of these is getting a permanent voters card which gives the people the opportunity to make their choice. He also stated that people should join political parties especially the ones that give its members voting rights. He charged that if you join the ones that don’t allow such, get involved in executive roles and work on changing the process.

Still speaking to the excited audience at the platform, he stressed the importance of youth participation in governance. He stated that young people should volunteer to join INEC’s campaign and in other important capacities.

He also stated that they should not be discouraged or intimidated if they do not have any political experience as what is needed for governance is not political experience but rather leadership experience.

Remember that he declared his ambition to run for the position of the president of the federal republic of Nigerian under the party of ANN on February 22, 2018. We wish him all the best.

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