No matter which university you’re studying at, as an English and Literary studies student, you’ll definitely be able to relate with the following.

1. A six-paged answer to one question? Heck yeah, it’s expected of you, and you’re used to it. Most times, I pity those who were ‘given’ English by the university instead of their preferred course. They usually find it frustrating.

2. You have to read lots of literary works-drama, prose, essays, and poetry anthologies- in a semester.  Meanwhile, some of our friends struggle with a chapter for up to a month!

3. When you think you’ve totally aced a course, but you see your marked exam script. Punctuation, grammar, paragraphs, nothing is overlooked. Then you wish you were a science student instead. Maybe calculations and formulas are better (I wish!)

4. Friends from other departments always listen for a ‘gbagaun’ from you, then they’ll tease: “nawa o! And she say she’s an English student.”

5. You’re tired of explaining to people that you love the course you chose, and no, being a teacher/professor (which isn’t bad), isn’t the only job prospect for an English-Lit gradute in this 21st century.

6. Most times you express yourself better in writing than speaking.

7. Punctuation, grammar and spelling errors make you cringe and want to “get busy” correcting them. Especially in write-ups, and social media. Some peeps don’t even remember to dot their ‘I’s’ or cross their ‘T’s’.

8. You’re a bibliophile with at least a mini-library in your room.

9. You constantly get attached to fictional characters and authors. You analyse most things you read and what people say; there just has to be a deeper meaning.

Know any others?

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