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10 Things Women Do That Ruins Relationships

1.Being too flirty with other men: As much as men have garnered the reputation of being promiscuous, a large majority of them do not feel comfortable with their women flirting. Even the thought of it can make them go crazy with jealousy. Men want a woman that they feel is exclusive to them and not someone that anyone can just talk to anyhow. 2.Thinking she’s always right: A lot of women have picked up this bad habit of never admitting when they are wrong and always making their partners apologize for everything. This greatly ruins relationships. In the beginning, it might be all fun and games as you’ll get the false impression that you have him wrapped around your finger but in the long run, he would get weary of dealing with you and would leave. 3. Too demanding: Yes he is your man and his primary role is to provide but there is a difference between getting provisions from someone and draining the person. Men want a woman that understands that they are still hustling and even though she makes demands these demands are the basic things and reasonable things. Don’t overdo it. 4. Consistently nagging: This one is the fatstest way to ruin your relationship. The world is tasking already. Your man has gone through a lot of stress to provide for you and be the man that you want. When he comes home to you or hangs out with you what he wants his peace. You have to be his source of peace, Joy, and happiness. if you bring the opposite by consistently and unnecessarily nagging then he’ll leave you for good. 5. Unserious nature or lack of ambition: Yes, the man is the provider but times have changed. Things are harder and women are now stepping up to the table. Men love and admire women that let them provide but can still help them when the going gets tough. They want a woman who can take care of herself but lets him. No one wants a burden or a woman that has nothing going for her. Being this way ultimately ruins relationships. 6. Inability to have Intelligent Conversations: If all you are interested in talking about is Wizkid and Davido or the new lipstick and lipgloss then you are on your way out of his life. Men want a woman who has the best, of both worlds, she is fun and lively but can still hold intelligent converstaions. They want to be with a woman that can give them insightful advice about life and business. A woman that can make simple decisions on her own and doesnt’t unnnessarily drag him into minor issues. 7. Unforgiveness: One annoying trait that some women have gathered is not letting things go. Once he has apolgized and you can see that he has made effport to make things right let it go. Don’t keep bringing up the past and punishing him fro his mistakes. it is stressful, annoying and mentallly exhausting. 8. Insecurity and Jealousy: A little possessiveness is cute and sexy but there is a thin line between being possesive and having trust issues. No man wants a woman that cannot believe his word for what they are. No man wants a woman that polices her man around. Do not call him to ask where he is except he his doing something out of schedule like running late or except you have something important for him. Consistently bombarding him with calls and messages would result in things getting out of hand. 9. Too desperate for marriage: Let him be the one to bring it up. Men like to chase. Even if you are sure he wants to marry you do not pressure him into it. You dont want to marry a man that is not ready neither do you want him to see you as desperate. 10.Comparing him to your ex: This one is the worst of all, it is the major activity that ruins relationships. Never ever compare your man to your ex whether negative or positive. It is unnecessary drama and can in the long run scar his ego. Men take pride in feeling special to their woman and one of the ways you can take this away is giving him the wrong impression that your ex is better than him or that you are not over your ex. If you have been engaging in any of the above I advise you to desist from it.      ]]>

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