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10 Mental Hacks For A Winner’s Mindset


People might find it difficult to have a great mindset throughout the day, some people leave it that way, while some others find ways to stay motivated. The following will help you to stay motivated with the right mind set every day.

Tips For A Winner’s Mindset

  1. Start The Morning With A Routine

Start a day with the right type of routine that will help your mindset. If it is going to a spiritual activity, then make it so, if it is going to be a special type of activity, do it. But make sure you make it a routine.

For example, drink a huge glass of water to rehydrate after a good sleep, do 10 pushups to get your blood flowing, read a series of positive affirmations to get your head thinking right, meditate for five minutes, then go crush the day!

  1. Expand The Way You Think, And Be Grateful

There is a lot to life than money and financial success. You should be grateful for health, family, friends and even life itself

Thinking about how good life is as a whole helps you be thankful for all the stuff that’s going right. Every challenge is meant to make you better and stronger.

  1. Ask Yourself This Question; Will It Matter

Think about what you are doing and what you are about to do, and ask yourself whether it will matter in the next few years or months. Only do things that have good effects on your life, health, and relationships, these are more important than so many things in this world

  1. Learn Meditation

Even if it is as short as 10 minutes, get time to be able to meditate about everything that is going on in your life. Your mind will clear and you will be able to attack the rest of the day in a calm manner.

  1. Count Your Wins

Internalizing stress and conflict only leads to more negativity. Rather, my team and I meet to share our wins and ‘bottlenecks’ on a daily basis. This open reflection on the work we’ve accomplished and the challenges we need to overcome motivates us to work harder and be better for the next day

  1. Keep Your Long Term Goals In Mind

To keep your mind focused and positive, you need to keep the big picture in your mind, set the goals and remind yourself of it every day.

Always keep your long-term goals in mind. Instead of stressing out on the success or failure of smaller, short-term goals, focus your energy on moving forward and keeping your eyes on the bigger picture

  1. Focus On What You Can Control Instead Of Otherwise

Do not waste your time on things you cannot change or control, better still try to walk around them and focus on what you can control and be serious with them. This will make you focused and not contemplate inconsequential things that ultimately just put you in a bad space.

  1. Be Kind

Kindness not only makes the recipient happy but also the giver of the kindness, therefore in everything you do every day, be kind. Doing something good takes my focus off whatever negative thing was weighing on my mind

  1. Take A Walk

As simple as it sounds, a walk around the block without my phone does wonders for stress relief. It’s important to take a step back and remember that this industry isn’t life or death and that there’s always bound to be something good around the corner.

  1. Do Not Depend Solely On Your Thoughts

Every problem is an opportunity if approached properly, but what will really help you is to learn how to detach yourself from your thoughts. How you engage with your thoughts defines you. Your Thoughts are not part of you Instead,  observe them and choose a way to respond that suits you the most, based on the situation. So, if you’re not in the position to address something, push that thought aside until you can deal with it




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