Nigerian weddings are the most amazing events, everyone is seeking an Owambe they can head over to eat to their fill. From girls looking for opportunities to find husband to the rich men and women looking for how to outshine themselves in money spraying competition, here are 10 weird things that happen at Nigerian weddings.

1. The Bride Never Arrives Early: The typical Nigerian bride starts her wedding preparations as early as 4am yet most times there is still always one delay or the other for an 11:00 service.

2. The Sermon lasts for decades: You would sleep…wake up, download an entire season of your favourite series yet the person won’t stop talking.

3. People Rush to the reception during the church program: It is mostly those who don’t have Aso Ebi that do this so that they can get a good space and food on time.

4. The reception never starts on time: This is another one that we can’t fathom. Sometimes the attendees can wait up to four hours for even a simple mic check.

5. The Wedding Cake does not leave its position: They share cake and food and other things yet the wedding cake which we cut together doesn’t move. Do they rent these cakes?

6. The food does not go round: No matter how much they spend, the food served most times does not go round. Even if it does, it wouldn’t be the full course meal, mere scraps. And it leaves the attendees like…

7. Special treatment to those wearing Aso-Ebi: If you want to be treated like a king or queen, wear the official Aso Ebi to a Nigerian Wedding you will eat to your fill and get double souvenirs.

8. Selective sharing of souvenirs: They tend to give souvenirs to only those wearing the Aso Ebi and those with familiar faces. if the person sharing the goodies doesn’t know you, you most likely will get nothing. You just might be looking like…

9. Some people come to the wedding with a nylon bag dedicated to packing all the drinkings and collecting extra-food: They will basically lie to the servers that they haven’t taken anything. They systematically clear their table everytime a new server leaves. Weh done!

10. People rarely wait for the closing prayer: By the time the closing prayer is taken be rest assured that you will see less than 10% of the attendees present.

That’s it! 10 funny things that always happen at Nigerian weddings! Which can you relate to? Know others? Share with us below!



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