The female body is one complex make-up of several systems. Women in some cultures have been regarded as supreme beings. Women carry a lot of weight in terms of biological requirements. Asides from the popular bodily functions like pregnancy and childbirth, there are several other unique things that the female body is capable of which the other gender isn’t. Some of which include:

  1. A Flexible Neck: The female neck way more flexible than that of a mans. Men turn their whole bodies when they need to see something at their side. But women just turn their necks. However, this also means that women are more prone to neck pain and bone degenerative disease in the future.
  2. More sensitive hearing, even while sleeping: The female ear is way more sensitive than that of a man. Women are more aware of sounds in thier environment. This is even better expressed when sleeping.
  3. Women get drunk faster than men: Science has revealed that women get drunk faster than men. This is because the female body has been discovered to have less water in its tisuues. This makes it difficult for the body to digest the alcohol fast enough before it reaches the entire system.

To find out the remaining 7 unique facts, watch this video below:

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