Every student desires academic sucess. There’s nothing as amazing as viewing your examination results without seeing any failures. No student wishes to go through the hurdle of returning to study a course with their juniors. This is why these 10 commandments by Infoducation is very important for every success-oriented student.

1) Thou shall not forget the Lord your God: He is the giver of true success. God remains the fountain of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. If you must become a successful student and end your studies well, then you must not forget God.

2) Thou shall avoid unnecessary distractions: Be single-minded. Focus on your goal. There are many students who started well but gave heed to distractions and ended badly.

3) Thou shall shun unprofitable friends: As much as good friends will make you, bad ones will break and mar you. Good friends are your pillars while bad friends are your caterpillars. Good friends will build you while bad ones will demolish you. Be wise.

4) Thou shall not yield to examination malpractice: Do not deceive yourself, any result gotten through examination malpractice is a fake result and cannot be defended. It is very unfortunate that most people who claim to be spiritual are never spiritual in the examination hall. Examination malpractice is evil. Shun it.

5) Remember to read your book every day: If you must be a successful student, you must pay more attention to your books than even your food and clothes. Read until hard becomes easy. Read until difficult becomes simple. No course or subject is ever difficult to someone who will pay attention to studying.

6) Have an actionable action plan or timetable: Action plan and timetable helps a great deal in rationing our time properly. Sometimes, you might feel that 24 hours is too small for you, maybe because you did not achieve much that day. In order to solve the problem of wasting time, you must have an actionable plan.

7) Love all your course and lecturers: Right from SS1, I hated my chemistry teacher and because of that, I was always in the back seat making noise whenever we went to the class. I struggled with passing right up to the university. Therefore, if you must pass, never hate any subject or lecturer (teacher). Pay attention to all subjects and become friends with all your teachers.

8. Take your note, assignments, classes and tests very seriously: Be serious about copying notes, doing assignments, attending classes and take our test very seriously. Never neglect any of these that I listed. The seemingly little one has the ability to make you repeat a class or have a carryover.

9) Build your study network: Have your team. Reading teams will help you a great deal. For example, if you have a reading team of 4 people and you are to face mathematics, you might not be able to understand all the topics for that term or semester. With your reading team, if you have 12 topics for that term or semester, you could share the topic into 4 so that everyone will go to and read and then come and teach the others.

10) Make sure you see no course as difficult: Surmount every mountain and cross every river. If there appears to be any difficult course or subject to you, it does not actually mean that the course is difficult. It’s just a way of saying that you need to pay more attention to it. Bear it in mind that any course or subject that appears difficult was invented by a human being like you. The same course is passed by human beings like you. All you need is to give it time and before long, the difficulty will be nowhere to be found.

We hope you enjoyed this and will put it into practice. The journey to academic success is one that is smooth if the right tools are put into place. Go any questions? Share them in the comments below.

Culled from Infoducation



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