Windows in one of the traditional operating systems because of loads of features that it avails to its user. Today we will be presenting one of them. You all used to Shut down the computer after you completed your work. But numerous of us neglect to Shut down the computer after accomplishing any task for sure! That’s the reason we are here with a method to  shut down any Windows based Computer with applying a particular given time.
The method we are going to share will also help you in saving electricity too because we often forget to shut down our computer. So let’s proceed. But, this can be only done when you would give your prior attention in this post, So without wasting any time let’s take you to the steps to be followed.
Step 1. Right Click on your Desktop. And then select the option of “New shortcut

Make Your Computer Shutdown At Given Particular Time

Step 2. After creating the new shortcut you will be prompt “what item would you like to create a shortcut for?”

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Make Your Computer Shutdown At Given Particular Time

Step 3. You need to enter the following code their shutdown -s -t 600. As you can see in the screenshot I have typed “shutdown -s -t 600”. Because 60sec=1 minute 10*60sec=600 seconds so my Computer will shut down after 10 minutes. You can only command it only in seconds.

Make Your Computer Shutdown At Given Particular Time

Moreover if you need  1 hours then if 10 minutes is 600 sec then 60 minutes is 3600 so for one hour is 3600 you have to place and if you want to shut down your computer after 5 hours then 1 hour = 3600 multiplication with 5 comes 18000 seconds that you have to place, it’s just a simple calculation.
Step 4. Once you had completed the above steps, you need to save that file. You can see your newly created shortcut on the desktop, double click it and you will get the notification on the taskbar regarding your shutdown time.

Make Your Computer Shutdown At Given Particular Time