Just as there are clear signs that a man is in love with a woman, there are also signs that indicate that this man is with you for reasons other than love.
It is easier to notice if a man is attracted to a woman or if he likes her, but it is much more difficult to know whether his feelings are love or a passing fantasy.
1. You are a guest in your life, not part of your life
One of the main and most notable signs is that you are not part of your future plans. It’s as if you feel like a constant guest in your life. Even when you feel comfortable in his life, you do not feel “at home”.
You feel welcome in your life, but not in it all, only in parts. If your life were a home, you would be allowed to use only a few rooms, most needed, but the rest is not available to you. You know this, you sense and feel, and if you mention it to him, you never get an answer that really clarifies that feeling.



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