Proposing to a lady is not as easy as many thinks, It has lots of technicalities. There are things you must not do during proposal which is not known to many men, that is, they may get a ‘No’ for an answer when they expect a ‘Yes’. Read further to discover what you must not do during a proposal.5 Things You Must Not Do When Proposing to a Lady
Don’t be lily-livered:
Some men often find it difficult to propose to ladies even when there are indications that the lady is interested in them, they allow fear to overwhelm them to the point of being jittery in the presence of the lady they’re trying to woo. When you are fearful, the girl will see you as an immature guy and will laugh at you. Self- confidence is key when wooing a lady. 5 Things You Must Not Do When Proposing to a Lady

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