A Ghanaian lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, has said that incessant loud moaning during sex is a crime and must carry a penalty. Ampaw says moaning infringes on the rights of others and must be stopped.
He said, “Why is it that you are having sex, I cannot sleep? In a compound house, they are having sex with you and everybody cannot sleep, you are infringing upon their rights to privacy and you are committing a crime because you are committing what we call a sexual nuisance. Everything that makes noise, everything that makes you uncomfortable is a nuisance.
Ampaw also gave an instance of when he had to lodge in a hotel. He narrated, “After I had finished with a hard day’s work at 7 o’clock I checked into my room and this guy and this girl came to town to rest, I was lying down before I could realize, [their] bed [was making noise] and then I woke up, I could not sleep and the girl was giving commentary.” “If you are enjoying, enjoy but don’t come and infringe on [my rights]…We must put a stop to it,” He concluded.



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