…Why I adopted the name, Evans
…My father refused to pay my fees after his second marriage
…I impregnated my wife when she was 15

EVANS the kidnapper in this part of his gripping story, tells Saturday Vanguard about his life from the cradle to the point he became an inter-state armed robber. With specifications on the phases leading to his notoriety, he indicated his father and exonerated his mother from being responsible for what he eventually became in life.
This narrative vividly captures his sojourn into marital life, experience in South Africa and first robbery operation among others. Evans His words: “I was born in the year 1981, to the family of Mr. Steven Onwuamadike of Akamili Town, Umudim Quarters, Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State.
My father is a trader, who sells auto spare parts in Nnewi, and he is married to three wives. He has 11 children. My mother, Chinwe Onwuamadike, who is my father’s first wife, had six children before they parted ways.
I dropped out of secondary school in class two because of my father, who had taken a second wife, refused to pay my school fees. “He gave me out to a businessman, who I served for five years but I was chased out without any settlement. My father later accused me of being a thief and subsequently disowned me. Thereafter, he chased me out of his house.
“I adopted the name Evans while in secondary school. My best friend was the one bearing the name in school and I liked it. In the year 2002, my mother raised some for money and I relocated to Lagos State where I started selling diesel at Alafia Bus Stop on Lagos/Badagry Expressway. “While there, I made so many friends including armed robbers and drug barons, but my ambition then was to travel out of the country.
The turning point in my life “I met a man, who promised to take me to Holland and the man asked me to pay N800,000 for my visa, air ticket and international passport. I borrowed money from my friends and relatives in Nnewi and I gave the money to the man and he ran away with it. That incident marked a turning point in my life. I also met one Kinsley, who was an armed robber.
I was able to raise some money and rented a shop at Ladipo Market and I started selling spare parts. In the year 2006, I met my wife, Uchenna during one of my visits to Nnewi and we started dating. She was a 15-year-old girl at that time and was in her final year in secondary school when I impregnated her.
SOURCE: Vanguard