Miss Odiha Iyoha, a 27-year-old entrepreneur and graduate of biochemistry shared her inspiring story of how she faced getting admission to University of Lagos medical school after her 6th JAMB and 11th medical school entrance examination.

She is currently self-funding herself and revealed that at the last attempt she had already given up due to her previous history. She talked about how in the past things always went wrong whenever she applied to a school.

She had already begun the proceedings to start a natural drinks production business when she saw her results that she had passed it. She was sceptical about the authenticity of the result and whether it still made sense for her to go through with the plan of medical school. She, however, decided to do it.

She revealed that she was pressured into leaving the country during the years she fruitless applied to medical school. She, however, decided against it and stayed back to keep trying. She spoke about her desire to pursue entrepreneurship as the labour market doesn’t look promising. She is currently a serial entrepreneur, running a drinks production business, writing ebooks and cover letter and CVs. Here are her words on it:

I don’t want to experience it again. There is thin hope for the common man. The rate of unemployment is on a dangerous rise. Everyone is looking for how to exit the Country.

People advised me to leave the Country too when I finished from the University instead of staying back but I kept my hope alive applying for jobs in major Beverage Companies while at the same time applying to Medical Schools.

I will continue to build my business because I want a reason to stay back in the Country and contribute to its development when I am done with Medical School.

If my business can attain the height I have for it, then nothing will make me run out of Nigeria to practice. I will stay back here to practice while also running my business to meet all my responsibilities. Nigeria has disappointed a lot of graduates including myself but I am keeping all hope alive that Nigeria can be great again.”



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