Getting Six Packs by Fire by Force – A Detailed Guide

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Exercise is simply any activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. For many Nigerians, the word “exercise” connotes a negative experience. They know exercise is good for them, but they don’t do it. Many people begin, but few stick with it. My hope is that after my easy six-step approach, you will become an exerciser for life.

Step 1
All the logic in the world will not turn you into an avid exerciser.
Emotions change behavior; logic does not.

You can read all the books and watch all the documentaries and go to all the lectures, but until you are hit on an emotional level, you will most likely not start exercising. So, begin an endeavor to become an exerciser by following the rest of my steps. These steps will help you change on an emotional level.

Author: Olawale

Olawale Sanusi is an enthusiast, a passionate lover and good writer of football stories. Also, a creative story developer

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  • One if the importance of having a stong core is that it help your stamina. When trying to build your core abs. One must important thing you should know is that you are building up more energy for your activities

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