It’s the first day of the week, the day everyone kicks off energized and hopeful for great things to happen during the week. Unfortunately, not many people actually effectively utilize their week productively to bring results. This leaves people feeling bad and disappointed in themselves. To know how to ensure that you have a productive week ahead, do follow this guide.

How To Ensure That You have A Productive Week
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1. Write out your goals for the week on a book you carry often, your notepad that can serve as a phone notifications reminder or on sticker notes that you can place conspicuous locations. Goals that are written out show 70% increase in getting achieved.

How To Ensure That You have A Productive Week

2. Set a date, hour or timeline to your goals. Now that you know what you need to do, the next thing is when should you do it. Setting out to do things without setting a deadline will only result in the same thing: Nothing.

How To Ensure That You have A Productive Week

3. Tell a friend or family member to serve as your accountability partner: Sometimes people who battle with the productivity problem need an external body to monitor their activities. Your chances of effectiveness increase by 100% if you have someone monitoring your progress.

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How To Ensure That You have A Productive Week

4. Start with the easy tasks: Productivity and progress in activities move faster if you do the easy ones well. This is because if you do the difficult ones first, chances are by the end of the task or exercise you may be mentally and physically drained. This most likely may put a pause to your activities. Ensure you finish up the easy tasks before you go into the difficult ones.

How To Ensure That You have A Productive Week

5. Celebrate yourself: Attach a personal reward to all your tasks and no matter how little you achieve, ensure to always celebrate yourself. This would give you the morale boost needed to continue. Avoid excessive self-criticism and bashing and ensure you embrace a positive attitude at all times.

How To Ensure That You have A Productive Week
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Ensure you follow this guide on “How To Ensure That You have A Productive Week” and I’ll be looking forward to your progress. Do come back to share your experiences and share this post for the benefits of others.