The Effect Of Water In A Car’s Petrol Tank And Ways To Fix It

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There are many ways(either accidentally while washing the car, filling up the tank from the filling station or from condensation within your fuel tank due to weather i.e natural water condensation)in which water can accumulate in a car’s petrol tank.


Subsequently, the compression and combustion of fuel, which is vital for a running car engine, goes for a complete toss.Such a situation is known as a hydrostatic lock, where the engine refuses to start.

Be it a small cup of water, or a liter, it can cause engine problems and eventually, engine stalling.


Below are ways in which water can enter a car’s petrol tank, its symptoms, effects, and ways to fix it.

Author: Joshua O. Jackson

Joshua is a great lover and writer of Entertainment Stories and Celebrity Gist. A creative Social Media personnel.

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