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Detailed Information on How to Make Money on Facebook and Twitter

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Many refuse to tap into opportunities which present themselves in Social Media Business.

While many see Social Media as a place of fun, some have been reaping from the business side of Social Media.

Nowadays, many businesses reach out to potential customers using the Social Media. If you notice well, lots of adverts pop up on your Timeline as you browse through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for instance.

I shall brief you now, some of the ways you can start making money off these channels.

Author: Olawale

Olawale Sanusi is an enthusiast, a passionate lover and good writer of football stories. Also, a creative story developer

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  • All these tips are great. I’ve enrolled in the Facebook course already and I thought it will be linked to my already existing Facebook account, but it’s taking me to a place where I need to start from the scratch. Please reply.

  • It’s nice and fantastic, How do i start because i need money to start up a business that will enable me to take good care of myself and my family thanks and bless,

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