Agriculture is one of the oldest industries ever since creation, it is arguably the first of them all, and till today it very funny. The Nigerian government has recently increased their attention to the industry every since the balance of payment problem the country facing started.

This has created a great opportunity for people to tap into this industry to make cool and sustainable money. These are some reasons that will convince you even more to be an agriculturalist this year

Reduction of Importation By The Government

The government is really combating the menace of smuggling and importation of foreign products and this is helping the agricultural sector in the country. The product of rice has really increased in 2018 and it will continue to increase because the government is doing more every day to make sure they reduce importation of rice and co to the barest minimum.

Technological Advancement

There so many machinery and innovations that are now at the reach of Nigerian Agriculturalist, all you just have to do is contact the right set of people and you can lease or even buy at an affordable price.

Advent Of The Internet and Information

The internet is now saturated with all the information you need to become a professional agriculturalist, Google is the best platform to search for all this, from livestock rearing to farming and others. Videos and other things are also available. You can also surf around your competitor’s websites and social media pages to see more.

Federal Government Support

The federal government has been rolling out different schemes and programmes to sponsor intending agriculturalists especially youths around the country. The Band Of Industry is also giving loans to young Agriculturalists. Get the idea of what you want to do right and start applying for all these schemes.

Get on the bandwagon today and start creating a great future ahead of you. Drop a comment below and what you will like to invest on in the industry, i will like to hear from you.





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